Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does membership cost?

Memberships are $10/month and it includes access to our rotating clubhouse, all JBSC events & member perks. Plus access to our social app where members connect, post events & more. 

2. How do I find out about events?

Download Geneva. Our community is hosted on a social app that has a built in calendar for all events. You can also post your own events so you never have to explore NYC alone- ever again!

3. What are the events like?

We encourage you to loosen up & show up for a fun time. No business cards, no pitching! Drinks + conversations are both always flowing. We also recommend to show up alone so you can mingle with other JBSC members.

4. Do I need to download Geneva to be a member?

Yes! All JBSC members are in the app- Geneva. It's like Slack

- but better. Members can post events, ask for advice, share stories & reply in emojis & gifs!

5. When will my invite request be accepted?

All applications are reviewed on a weekly basis. If approved, you'll be in the club within 1-2 weeks after you submit your application.

6. Can I cancel my membership?

Yes! You can cancel any time. Once you cancel, you'll have access to the club until the end of your billing cycle.

7. Why do I need Jet Black Social Club in my life?

Glad you asked! It's easy to prioritize your work life so much that you lose yourself as a unique person. We encourage a work/life balance and want to make sure you feel heard & seen as you, not as your job title.

8. Can I join if I'm not a New Yorker?

Sorry! All of our events are in Manhattan, so if you're not a New Yorker, you won't get much value here.

9. Can I invite my friends?

Absolutely! We highly encourage members to invite their friends. We believe great communities grow best word of mouth!