Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is The Third Place?

The Third Place is a term coined by sociologist Ray Oldenburg and refers to places where people spend time between home ('first' place) and work ('second' place). It is a place where we exchange ideas, have a good time, and build relationships.

2. How often are the virtual events?

We host 3 events every month. One experience based class like a cooking & cocktails event, 1 book club for deep dive conversations & 1 Happy Hour to mingle with fellow Jetsetters. All events are optional & free for our members.

3. Will I still get value if I don't attend events?

Yes! Our social playground is built on a really fun & intuitive platform. We have member led clubs like recipe sharing, fitness clubs, playlist sharing, etc. Plus impromptu audio & video chats throughout the month. Sometimes we get surprise guests for fun AMA's. 


4. When will my invite request be accepted?

We accept applications on a rolling basis. You will hear from us via email within 1-2 weeks. 

5. Can I get a free membership?

Yes! We have a referral program. For every successful member you refer, you get credit for 1 free month. 

6. Can I cancel my membership?

Yes! You can cancel any time. You'll have access to the club until the end of your billing cycle and you will not be charged for future payments.

7. What are the events like?

We encourage you to loosen up & show up for a fun time. No business cards, no pitching! We have activities planned for the main room and then we go into breakout rooms for deeper conversations... if you want to!

8. Why do I need Jet Black Social Club in my life?

Glad you asked! It's easy to prioritize your work life so much that you lose yourself as a unique person. We encourage a work/life balance and want to make sure you feel heard & seen as you, not what you do.

We have a ZERO tolerance policy. 


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