Why we're here


New York City culture is to work hard play hard. 

It's electrifying. It's thrilling. Until you realize how empty you feel. How isolating this city can be. 


Our mission is to build a community in New York City for people to have a thriving social life while connecting with real people. Genuine, authentic friendships + relationships through really fun experiences. 


New York City is a beautiful melting pot of culture

+ diversity. So we created a safe place for people from all different backgrounds to feel welcome.

We won't tolerate any racism or prejudice of any kind. We embrace everyone's diversity and unique contributions to build a strong community. 


Loneliness sucks. Come chill w/ us. 


Jet Black Social Club events are extremely chill, low key but tons of fun. We aren't table service bougie. Our events are picnics at the park where some people are playing spike ball while others are getting high. Chill hangouts at a local bar. Or getting tipsy at boozy brunch.


This is a non judgement zone where everything goes. Just don't be an asshole. 


The social app connects members through shared hobbies & interests and give them the power to hang out in NYC on their own terms. If you wanna check out a new restaurant or show, post it in the app to see who's free to join. You never have to explore NYC alone - ever again.

Jet Black Social Club is in New York City for now- and expanding to London & Toronto soon. 

Meet our Founder

Sana Akhand, Chief FUCK-IT Officer

As a first generation American, I’ve always tried to do the "right thing". 

I got married at 25, had the 6 figure job by 30, a dog, double story condo in Brooklyn, BMW & everything I thought I wanted.

And I was absolutely fucking miserable.

So I quit my job and got rid of all my stuff & and booked a one way flight to Mexico. My husband and I hopped from city to city and traveled the world for a year.


The experience taught me to live a life that I want to live, not a life that I should live.


While traveling, I got lonely and wanted to connect with people so I went on FB groups to organize casual hangouts. People thanked me for these hangouts because some found soulmates & even best friends for life.


That's why I built Jet Black Social Club. To make it easier for strangers to build genuine friendships along the way. 


I'm on a mission to make the world a little less lonely.

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We have a ZERO tolerance policy. 


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