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Those who seek adventure and culture through fun experiences


Those who are looking to diversify their personal and social lives


Those who love to explore new things

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testimonials from jetsetters

Dorothy, NYC

"Jet Black Social Club is the antidote to 2020. It's the kind of zero-pressure networking your soul needs right now: the kind with more joy, more cussing, more booze, more realness, more adventure, more LIFE... and no assholes. Sign up already so you can meet your new favorite people!"

Phillip, NYC

"JBSC is a really beautiful community that is exactly the kind of group I didn't know I needed. Fun professionals with diverse interests.. Book clubs and cooking classes and general good vibes. I'm super excited to be a part of this club and especially excited to go jetsetting on one of their upcoming excursions!"

Anam, NYC

I have been a part of Jet Black Social Club for three months now and I can unequivocally state that it has kept my sanity during this pandemic! I have loved meeting new people who are fun and open-minded. Mostly, I have enjoyed every event and I am always looking forward to them! They are always filled with great people and fun times!

We have a ZERO tolerance policy. 


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